The whole is greater
than the sum

The areas of intervention of the cooperative are numerous and relate to prevention, harm reduction and acceptance related to the use of psychotropic substances, the promotion of comfort for adolescents and young people, the fight against trafficking, mediation and social conflicts, social inclusion of immigrants. In addition to field activities, the structure has also proposed itself as an agency for training and provides design and organizational consulting.

The internal organization is declined according to a matrix model that includes a consolidation of operations in five areas, which are homogeneous as for their content (Dependencies, Prostitution and Trafficking, Youth and Prevention, Security and Mediation, Training) and four cross-cutting areas, (Communication and Promotion, Planning, Quality and Evaluation, Staff Management).

The areas, in addition to treating the osmosis between projects and homogenous services, have also the function of favouring:

  • Theoretical and methodological discussions among operators;
  • Political representation in discussions with the institutions, public project contracting and other social actors as for the areas and the specific content of the projects;
  • Implementation of internal and external training courses;
  • Cross-project coordination and between the areas aimed at operational partnerships across multiple projects.

Since its establishment, the Cooperative has developed, within the city area, an integrated package of interventions that appear to be a fundamental part of the complex network of public and private services addressed to people with addictions. The services are developed on different areas of care, treatment and taking care of people with problems related to addictions, through interventions of harm reduction, reception low threshold, and consulting projects, guidance and residential care in the Community. Read more >>>

Prostitution and Trafficking Area

Since 1998, the Cooperative has developed a series of activities related to the phenomenon of forced prostitution and human trafficking for sexual or labor exploitation. The activities it manages or co-manages in partnership are several. Its interventions represent a nodal point within a network of services and are divided transversely from street work, advice and guidance through an information desk, until the reception and residential projects of social and work reintegration. Read more >>>

Youth and Prevention Area

This area represents a set of apparently heterogeneous projects. The latter relate to the residential care of minors with multiple problems and at risk of delinquency, the prevention and reduction of risks related to the use of psychotropic substances, the promotion of comfort for teenagers and pre-teenagers, the development of associations and enterprise in the youth sector, the parenting support. In all cases, all the actions constantly focus on the development and defense of the rights, on social inclusion and preservation of mental and physical health of young people and minors. Read more >>>

Social Mediation and Urban Safety

Since 1999, the Cooperative has designed and managed projects of experimental social mediation in Rome, aiming at implementing and evaluating, in consultation with the local and central government, the validity and duplication to other areas of its multidisciplinary interventions. This approach is finalized to the search, together with the citizens, of support actions to participated and integrated urban safety policies.
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Social work operations, if fed and nourished with training, engender culture and describe horizons that become flywheels for development and social progress. In this view, the cooperative has formalized the existence of an Area for internal and external training and created Theores, a Superior School of Social Work. This School considers training as an instrument of active employment policy and as a meeting and development place for ideas and worldviews. Read more >>>


  • Dipendenze
  • Prostituzione e tratta
  • Prevenzione e giovani
  • Formazione
  • Mediazione sociale e sicurezza urbana

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