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"Often the most urgent thing
to do is to wait" (Olievenstein)

Since its establishment, the Cooperative has developed, within the city area, an integrated package of interventions that appear to be a fundamental part of the complex network of public and private services addressed to people with addictions. The services are developed on different areas of care, treatment and taking care of people with problems related to addictions, through interventions of harm reduction, reception low threshold, and consulting projects, guidance and residential care in the Community.
The various activities are conducted through public funds disbursed by Lazio Region (FNLDTU 309/90), by Roma Capitale and the Province of Rome.

Specifically, the interventions of Harm Reduction (day centers, street units) are aimed at protecting the health of the people who consume psychotropic substances, through the provision of basic services (reception, needle exchange, condom distribution, overdose interventions, awareness on substances and sexually transmitted diseases, medical and legal advice, mailing services, dining, shower ...), serving also as an opportunity to support and enable answers to those demonstrating, in a more or less conscious way, the need for a change in their consumption habits. In our declination, the interventions of Harm Reduction, in addition to containing the spread of diseases related to drug abuse, offer support to dependent persons, including foreigners, offering them an alternative to the circuits of exclusion which are usually inserted. These interventions are addressed to heroin consumers and, more recently, intravenous cocaine, many of which normally have no chance of contact with the public or private social services.

To the interventions of harm reduction, the cooperative juxtaposes those services that can take in charge and initiate processes of care, both as outpatient and residential. These include the short term residential community  NORTH EAST, now no longer active, which housed people in drug therapy for up to three months in a protected environment, with the aim of overcoming the condition of intoxication for subsequent access to a specific treatment program and/or psychosocial rehabilitation; C.A.R.E. (Cocaine Addiction Rehabilitation enforceable), in partnership with Coop. Il Cammino and A.S.L. Rome C, F and Rome Frosinone, dedicated to problematic cocaine consumers; this service is able to offer a time out period from the use of the substance in a residential care home for a minimum of a week-end to a maximum of three months; Trecentosessantagradi, outpatient specialist centre for prevention and treatment of problems related to the abuse of alcohol. Among the range of care services, Macondo, a residential community for minors with criminal measures and problems of addiction to psychotropic substances.

In recent years, with the progressive increase of visibility taken by the phenomenon of gambling, the cooperative has launched, on behalf of the Region of Lazio, two campaigns "Trentasessanta" and "Giochi, gocce e goccetti", as well as a prevention project addressed to high schools, "Alea 2012 - Prevention of pathological gambling". The information campaigns dealt with the consumption of gambling, alcohol and drugs and allowed to make an assessment of the phenomenon at a regional level as well as an estimate of the services in place, both in the public and the private sectors. All this knowledge has been collected in the book "GiochiGocceGoccetti - Gioco d'azzardo psicofarmaci ed alcol, vecchi e nuovi consumi problematici di massa". The experience has also allowed to start, as a pilot and self-funded project, a welcome, evaluation and treatment service addressed the players and their families, called "Quando il gioco si fa duro", which plans to respond to their request, make an assessment of the problem, which can be psychological, social, economic, and propose an intervention or provide referral to other public services.
Some of the activities in the area Dependencies have been implemented with the contributions of the Funds "Otto per Mille" of the Tavola Valdese. The following projects have benefitted of this contribution:
"Nord Est";
"Scalo San Lorenzo";

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