Intervention / Minors, families and the territory

"Chasing dreams requires
a great physique" (Benni)

The interventions that concern minors and their families are also framed in a territorial and generative welfare model, in which every care is shared with the various stakeholders and every educational project is strongly rooted in the territories.
The main areas of intervention are: Residential reception for minors outside the family, MNSA, in criminal matters; the fight against educational poverty; the promotion of leisure for adolescents and pre-adolescents; associative and business development in the youth sector; support for parenting. In all cases, we mean actions that constantly focus on the development and defense of rights, on social inclusion and the protection of the psycho-physical health of young people and minors.
In particular, the following interventions were activated:

  • aggregation centers for pre-adolescents and adolescents;
  • apartment group for the residential reception of minors from families in difficulty;
  • training / information interventions in schools for class groups and teaching staff aimed at promoting health;
  • interventions to support parenting and counseling aimed at families;
  • activation of territorial networks of associations and informal groups for the management of cultural events;
  • socialization and aggregation, aimed at free time;
  • development of a non-profit enterprise aimed at youth employment;
  • promotion of local (formal and informal) youth associations;
  • interventions aimed at young people in situations of hardship with the use of multimedia techniques as educational and empowerment tools.

Some activities carried out in the minor area have been implemented with the contribution of the "Otto per Mille" Funds of the Waldensian Table. In particular, Casa Felix - Apartment group for Italian and foreign minors benefited from this support.

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