Intervention / Youth and Prevention

"Chasing dreams requires
a great physique" (Benni)

This area represents a set of apparently heterogeneous projects. The latter relate to the residential care of minors with multiple problems and at risk of delinquency, the prevention and reduction of risks related to the use of psychotropic substances, the promotion of comfort for teenagers and pre-teenagers, the development of associations and enterprise in the youth sector, the parenting support. In all cases, all the actions constantly focus on the development and defense of the rights, on social inclusion and preservation of mental and physical health of young people and minors.
In particular, the following interventions have been implemented:

  • aggregation centers for pre-adolescents and adolescents;
  • group apartment for the residential care of children from families in difficulty;
  • street units for prevention and reduction of risks associated with the use of substances, for teenagers and young people, activated in normal contexts of day aggregation, both in the context of nightlife leisure (discos, pubs) and self-organized events (social centers, rave party, free festival);
  • training / information sessions in schools for class groups and teachers aiming at the promotion of health;
  • interventions of parental support and counseling for families;
  • activation of territorial networks of associations and informal groups for the organization of cultural events, socialization and aggregation, for the free time;
  • non-profit enterprise development for youth employment;
  • promotion of youth associations (formal and informal) at the local level;
  • interventions for young people in difficult situations through the use of multimedia techniques as educational tools and empowerment.

Some activities carried out in the Young and Prevention area have been implemented with the contribution of the Funds "Otto per Mille" of the Tavola Valdese. In particular, Casa Felix- group apartment for Italian and foreign children benefitted from this support.

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