The High School of Social Work

The name Theores is created from the union of two terms, one in Greek and the other in Latin, theory and thing. The choice symbolizes the will to work towards the reunification of the theoretical dimension and the practice, in favour of a conception of social work as social oriented and located action.
The search for a strong paradigm in support of social work stands for us in that land of everyone and no-one where the transition "from theory to practice" in interventions and social services is realized.
Theores - The High School of Social Work promotes the cultural reassessment of social work and works towards a greater enhancement of the professionalism of social workers , directing its activities to the promotion of a strong professional identity of social work and its distinction from other spheres of social action, adjacent, but not coincident with it. To give substance to a profession that aims to produce models of relationships that will affect social life, the contribution of social sciences is crucial but not sufficient. Social work, in fact, needs to integrate different scientific approaches, visions of the humanities and readings of social actors, creating a specific professional field.

The theme of social care, brought specifically with social work, on which the original matrix of Parsec is founded, substantiates the theoretical, symbolic and cognitive development of all the training activities of Theores, making a reality of the training sui generis with which to build in a participatory approach of study and reflection for each course that one wants to achieve.

Theores provides a container of quality cultural initiatives and training of Parsec, also directing its activities to institutional and private organizations on issues pertaining to governance, organization, to social and health services and the emerging social phenomena.


Theores presents itself as a training agency in continuous listening of the most innovative methods and training techniques. In this sense, its proposals combining all the possibilities for learning with a strongly constructivist view. This approach is unique and contextualized every training scheme Theores, is also using techniques of action research to get to project lines shared with the customer.
The key points of the Theores project  are inherent in :

  • the enhancement of social work, 'plurisemantical' professionalism, born and developed in the complex and real field, in dialogue with institutions and civil society, including research, planning and intervention.
  • the search for innovative methods of training, in a theoretical and methodological framework that allows one to work on interdisciplinary connections between content and methods.
  • particular attention to the behaviour and evolution of complex social systems and the analysis of organizational processes in institutional and private contexts.
  • the enhancement of the concrete experiences of contemporary professionals who need to operate reflexively, directing their own actions.

The people

Theores makes use of the contribution of numerous experts with proven reputations, including academics, researchers and scholars with whom one can share moments in time of reflection and cultural initiatives targeted to the animation of a public debate on issues of strong social interest. Through a transversal work involving members within the group and outside experts, a diverse set of people is formed, rotating around the activities organized by the school, helping to maintain a constant strife for the innovation of content and training approaches.

Theores projects and activities

Theores offers and activates seminars and training courses on public and private commissions, as cultural and project activities implemented by Parsec in which training is provided.

Training courses and seminars on request. The proposal was preceded by an analysis of supply and demand programmes and the methodologies are agreed with the customer. In addition to the training activities for professionals in the social sector, Theores devises, designs and implements courses and seminars for the public employees and within the broad private sector, promoting the contamination between approaches and languages. In this sense it is a feature of the school the use of integrated classrooms, in which professionals from different fields work together to create the conditions also for the construction of transversal networks.

Series of seminars on emerging issues or on issues of strong social interest. The organization of these activities was created from collaboration with cultural centres and research through partnerships aimed at the management of projects of great social importance.

Presentation of books and animation of cultural events. The choice of Parsec to promote its own business publishing allows one to publish studies and research as a result of the "field work" that characterizes the way it operates and to know its social organizations. The cultural encounters that Theores organizes, allow a broader audience to be reached, broader than the specialized one and bringing the issues studied to the attention of the public.

Maggio/Giugno 2012

Ciclo di incontri

COMUNICARE IL SOCIALE. Parole, suoni e immagini dal no-profit

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Ottobre 2011

Gli incontri del Mercoledì

2° ciclo di incontri
Le nuove frontiere del lavoro sociale.
Temi, prospettive, opportunità

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Giugno/Novembre 2011

Gli incontri del Mercoledì

1° ciclo di incontri
Dalla cura alla medicalizzazione.
Un approccio critico alla medicina moderna

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