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Since 1998, the Cooperative has developed a series of interventions related to the phenomenon of forced prostitution and trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual or labor exploitation. The activities that it manages or co-manages in partnership are many and are transversally articulated from street work, to counseling and guidance through an information desk, up to residential reception and socio-work reintegration projects.
In particular, the activities it carries out for people who are victims of forced prostitution and human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation are:

  • the street contact activities, carried out as part of the "Stardust" project, funded by the Municipality of Rome, provide for interventions for prevention, damage reduction and service guidance in favor of people who prostitute themselves in various Municipalities of Rome the north-eastern area;
  • the Single Citizen Desk, also financed by the Municipality of Rome, the office responsible for contacts subsequent to those established on the street and which allows medical, legal, psychological advice and guidance to other services to be provided. In this context, it is possible to accompany people who are victims of trafficking in the path of socio-working inclusion guaranteed by the application of art. 18;
  • protected residential reception (escape and semi-autonomy houses), aimed at women who ask to escape from forced prostitution paths;
  • the ProHins Project, also financed by the Municipality of Rome, which offers trafficked women already included in the escape route, the opportunity to take advantage of support, orientation, pre-training, training and work apprenticeship activities, through an individualized insertion project.

Since 2006, the cooperative has also carried out specific interception, emergence and overall commissioning interventions aimed at people victims of trafficking for the purpose of labor exploitation. Currently these activities are carried out within the "Lazio Regional Anti-Trafficking Plan" project promoted by the Lazio Region and funded by the Department for Equal Opportunities of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.
The cooperative is registered in the national register of associations and entities that carry out activities in favor of immigrant foreigners, in sections II (ex III).
Some activities carried out in the Prostitution and Trafficking area have been implemented with the contribution of the "Otto per Mille" Funds of the Waldensian Table.

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