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Since 1998, the Cooperative has developed a series of activities related to the phenomenon of forced prostitution and human trafficking for sexual or labor exploitation. The activities it manages or co-manages in partnership are several. Its interventions represent a nodal point within a network of services and are divided transversely from street work, advice and guidance through an information desk, until the reception and residential projects of social and work reintegration.
The decision to strategically intervene on prostitution and trafficking has emerged from the interception of an emerging need, although a significant boost to the implementation of specific interventions was offered by the simultaneous procedural course of the recent Immigration Act, whose innovative contents on the acceptance and the regularization of immigrants (Article 18, in particular) have been the indispensable element to the action.

Gradually, an organic network of closely interconnected and preparatory actions has come into place. This integrated system of services ensures that the results obtained at a certain stage of the network find more answers and opportunities in the next one, so that the chain of interventions, consequent one to another, contribute to form a protected path of gradual break from the prostitution circuit.

In particular, the activities that the Cooperative manages or co-manages are the following:

  • contact activities in the street, carried out under the project "Stardust", funded by the City of Rome, which foresee prevention interventions, harm reduction and policy towards services for prostitutes in several municipalities of north-east Rome;
  • a one-stop-shop for citizens, which is the hub for following-up on the contacts established in the street and can provide medical, legal, psychological advice and guidance to other services. In this context, it is possible to accompany the victims in the path of social and work inclusion prescribed by art. 18;
  • protected residential care (safe and semi-autonomy homes), for women seeking to escape from forced prostitution circuits;
  • ProHins project, also financed by the City of Rome, which offers female victims of trafficking, who are already exiting the circuits of prostitution, the ability to take advantage from support, guidance, pre-training, training and apprenticeship activities and the possibility of acquiring job skills expendable in the labor market. Access to the labor market is accompanied by a tailored project inclusion;
  • in 2011 the projects "Fuori giogo" and "Si tratta di me" were launched through the funding the Department for Equal Opportunities of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and co-financing of the Province of Rome. In this framework, the cooperative deals with specific interventions of identification, emerging and taking in charge of the victims of trafficking for labor exploitation.

The cooperative is registered in the national registry of associations and entities carrying out activities in favor of foreign immigrants, in Section II (formerly III).

Some of the activities undertaken in the area of Prostitution and Trafficking have been implemented with the contribution of the Fund "Otto per Mille" of the Tavola Valdese.

Also, the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, through the Fund for Contemporary Forms of Slavery, funded the project "Right Job" for the integration and support the interventions of residential care for victims of trafficking for labor exploitation inserted in social protection programs.

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