You too can become our partner and contribute to supporting our work

"Man proves himself through giving"

Allocate your 5x1000

Simply affix the signature in the box shown on the declaration models (CUD), Model 730, unique to each person) "support of non-profit social organizations, and associations of social promotions" and indicate the fiscal code of the cooperative: 0512731009.


The choice of 5x1000 and that of 8x1000 are not in any way related to each other. In both cases, the amounts will be deducted from the tax allocated to the Inland Revenue and does not impose an additional burden for the taxpayer, who has to pay only for the declared statements.

Make a donation

Just make a bank transfer:
IBAN CODE: IT45 U050 1803 2000 0000 0102 781
payable to Parsec Cooperativa Sociale ONLUS

Or make a payment using a credit card through the Paypal system, which offers protection through a 128bit encryption of data to ensure effective security in all online transactions.

Donations are deductible or deductible according to current regulations. Parsec Cooperativa Sociale will donate the donations received to allow the minors staying in the Casa Famiglia Felix to carry out sports or training activities.


Making a combined will means passing on your values along with what you choose to donate. It is an act of awareness and generosity that takes nothing away from your heirs and enriches your testament of the ideals in which you have always believed, such as solidarity and the sense of equality.
Making a legacy of solidarity does not necessarily mean donating your entire estate. You can decide to leave just a portion of your assets, such as:

  • an amount of money, shares, investment securities;
  • a 'transferable' investment, such as a work of art, jewellry or even furniture;
  • property, such as an apartment;
  • your life insurance policy, indicating the non-profit organization that you have chosen as the beneficiary.


  • Dipendenze
  • Prostituzione e tratta
  • Prevenzione e giovani

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